Is your HIPAA security risk analysis adequate?

Comprehensive HIPAA Security Audit and Analysis

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 guarantees the privacy of certain health information. Health care providers must meet these national standards. A security risk assessment can assist your facility with complying to the HIPAA guidelines and protecting your patients’ privacy.

BlueOrange Compliance provides high-tech, low-touch solutions to help protect your company and keep you in compliance. Your staff can maintain their focus on their jobs with our offerings that require very little time and attention.

HIPAA law requires Healthcare organizations to perform routine security Risks Analyses. A thorough and accurate Risk Analyses will address all 60+ applicable areas of the HIPAA Security Rule.

While most healthcare organizations perform routine Risk Analyses, not all use methodology that meets the full requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule. Following the spirit of the law but failing to follow the letter of the law can result in serious consequences including:

  • fines;
  • negative publicity;
  • HIPAA investigations; and
  • HIPAA corrective action plans.

You need to ensure that your Risk Analysis covers all regulations and complies to exacting government standards.

How Can We Help?

What Is HIPAA Compliance?

If your company has access to sensitive, protected health information or electronic protected health information (PHI and ePHI), you have to employ security measures to keep that information safe, including physical and network solutions. Any facility that provides treatment, accesses patient information or offers support must stay HIPAA compliant.

What HIPAA Compliance Means for Your Organization

If you violate HIPAA compliance standards, your practice may be subject to fines and face other legal issues. Congress caps fines for violations depending on the circumstances, but those violations can add up to more than a million dollars over the course of a year.



The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services enforces HIPAA rules by looking into complaints and reviewing compliance. If a facility is found to be in noncompliance, OCR can choose several ways forward, including implementing a resolution agreement or corrective action. A facility may face civil or criminal penalties, depending on the violation. In some cases, OCR could call in the Department of Justice to investigate.

Our Audit Process

We follow the HIPAA compliance framework offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The Common Security Framework (CSF) is a cybersecurity framework used to measure HIPAA compliance, and NIST administers CSF. To gain HIPAA compliance, you must meet both NIST and CSF standards.

Our audit process generates detailed reports with actionable takeaways based on the NIST and CSF guidelines. While HIPAA compliance is not a certification, you can obtain a certification called HITRUST, which goes beyond the NIST and CSF frameworks and is offered by BlueOrange Compliance. We perform risk analysis and security remediation as well as penetration testing.

Why Choose Us?

BlueOrange Compliance has helped many clients reach HIPAA compliance through our HIPAA compliance risk analysis and risk assessment checklist. We can assist you as you transition from a paper-based to an electronic system and mitigate confidentiality concerns. Security breaches are more common through hacking, and we can identify areas where you may be vulnerable.

We have performed audits and answered challenges such as policy compliance and HIPAA security for clients including hospitals, long-term care facilities and life plan communities. You can see examples of our work through our case studies. Our testimonials also demonstrate how our compliance audit services can ease your mind, knowing HIPAA regulations will be followed and by identifying potential security risks. Our 98% client retention rate with over 250 clients speaks to our outstanding results.

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