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HIPAA Privacy & Breach

In today’s world of HIPAA regulations, not developing a plan for Privacy compliance is risky business for Healthcare providers.  Multiple government agencies are actively enforcing these laws, and the penalty for non-compliance can be costly. With so much focus on HIPAA Security, the HIPAA Privacy Rule can sometimes go unheeded.  Yet the government is just as serious about enforcing Privacy regulations, and enforcement is clearly within the scope of Office for Civil Rights HIPAA audits. Let BlueOrange Compliance help you navigate the process by designing a customized approach based on your organization and tailored to meet your specific regulatory requirements and state statutes.

HIPAA Security

BlueOrange Compliance provides the government mandated security Risk Analysis per the HIPAA Security Rule regulation CFR 164.308 (a)(ii)(A) utilizing the NIST SP 800-30 and 800-66 risk analysis methodologies. The analysis is comprehensive, covering each Security Rule Regulation and complies to exacting government guidelines. Our approach is specific to IT threats and how they relate to information security risks. Our analysis process has been legally vetted by a nationally recognized law firm with specific expertise in HIPAA/HITECH.

Our analysis process will:

  • Provide a detailed report of findings along with a comprehensive set of recommended steps to achieve compliance.
  • Identify compliance with all components of the HIPAA Security Rule against all applicable NIST security controls, as well as identify compliance with over 1,400 Privacy Rule elements.
  • Review policies, procedures and related documentation, and provide feedback on compliance with HIPAA Privacy, Breach and Security Rule regulations and HHS audit protocols.
  • Recommend areas where additional policies and procedures should be implemented, or how addressable specifications should be explained.
  • Assess and document any potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks (internal and external) to the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of all ePHI.
  • Provide a Comprehensive Approach and Go Forward Plan.

Our Guided Support Programs include:

  • Clearly stated gaps identified in the Privacy or Security Analysis with assigned resources and projected completion dates.
  • Monthly or quarterly Privacy & Security support calls to guide, monitor and facilitate progress, including analysis of technical, environmental, and operational changes impacting the remediation process.
  • HIPAA-aligned core Privacy and Security policy templates.
  • Privacy & Security reminders.

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