Technical Testing Solutions

The Solution

Cybersecurity attacks can take months to recognize. During that time considerable ePHI and business continuity data can be stolen. A Security Event Information Management (SEIM) solution can help locate the siphoning of data through an ongoing digital monitoring process.

A SEIM solution can be expensive for the technology. Plus finding and retaining cybersecurity personnel that know and understand the system as well as the alerts can be daunting. BlueOrange Compliance helps with SEIM solutions by providing:

  • A defined implementation program based upon assessment results.
  • A lower cost solution that utilizes cloud technology to manage history.
  • A proven tested solution that demonstrates alerts so be able to identify events when they occur.

BlueOrange helps you navigate the process by designing a customized approach based on your organization and tailored to meet your specific security challenges.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Scan your devices for known vulnerabilities and configuration issues.

Social Engineering

Test and train your people through targeted phishing, vishing or other campaigns

Penetration Testing

Our certified ethical hackers will use the same offensive techniques bad guys will use to get to your valuable information