HITRUST Practical Solutions

Whether you’re considering HITRUST certification or you want to maintain your HITRUST standing, partnering with BlueOrange is a smart move. You’ll get a practical and straightforward evaluation of your goals, readiness, resources, and timeline. Then you’ll be guided down the path that’s best for you.

Regardless of where you are in the HITRUST continuum, zero to 100% ready, you’ll have confidence that you’re on the path that’s right for you and will achieve your goals efficiently.

HITRUST provides a structured cybersecurity framework and the software platform used for assessing your organization’s compliance with that framework. At BlueOrange Compliance, we offer practical HITRUST consulting services to help you evaluate your goals and establish a timeline. We can help you on your journey and ensure you have the resources to obtain or maintain HITRUST certification.

HITRUST Assessment Types

Seeking a HITRUST r2 Certification can be intimidating. Between the financial and time investments it can seem like a lofty goal. However, with the HITRUST e1 and i1 Assessments and Validations that lofty goal can be broken up into more manageable pieces while proving your organization’s dedication to security.

BlueOrange helps your organization navigate its HITRUST journey by providing materials, including policy templates, and guidance to reduce time and resources. No matter what kind of HITRUST assessment you're performing BlueOrange can assist with consulting and validation services.

Essentials, 1-Year (e1)

An entry level into HITRUST Assessment and Certification that focuses on foundational cybersecurity.

e1 is a great starting point for organizations that:

  • Need time to implement the more robust control environment needed for i1 and r2 assessments.
  • Need a demonstrable milestone towards achievement of an eventual i1 or r2 assessment.
  • Are new to HITRUST.

Implemented, 1-Year (i1)

HITRUST’s i1 Assessment can be used as a “steppingstone” from e1 to r2.

Use cases for the i1 Assessment:

  • Organizations that are working towards an r2 certification.
  • To show justification for more favorable cyber insurance premiums.
  • Proof of security maturity for contractual and compliance obligations.

Risk-Based, 2-Year (r2)

The HITRUST r2 Validated Assessment is considered the gold standard for information protection assurances because of the comprehensiveness of control requirements, depth of review, and consistency of oversight.

An r2 Validated Assessment is a great goal for organizations:

  • Who process large amounts of sensitive data, including PHI.
  • That are looking to gain a competitive advantage by strengthening business relationships.
  • When a NIST Scorecard Report is needed to demonstrate compliance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework controls.

HITRUST with BlueOrange

First Certification

Determine your readiness and the amount of work required to achieve a HITRUST certification, then prepare for and conduct validation.


Identify your readiness and the level of work and timeline required to achieve certification


Remediate and implement security practices required for validation

Self-Assessment Review

Review quality and completeness of material pre-validation


Validation for Certification
or re-certification

Remediation Guidance

Prepare your organization for remediating any gaps identified in the assessment and what will be involved in the Interim Assessment if you achieve certification

r2 Interim Review

Effectively conduct your required interim review at the one-year mark.


Review your policies, procedures, systems, and more to determine whether significant changes have occurred


Randomly select controls from each domain and


Review all Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) for appropriate physical security


Document and submit the interim assessment results to HITRUST


Conduct recertification based on current business model, technology and active version of MyCSF.


Business/tech modification against the most current MyCSF model and requirements


Perform validation for re-certification

The Benefits of HITRUST

HITRUST is a recognizable certification that tells people you have met predetermined guidelines. HITRUST standardizes the approach in an industry that requires validation and documentation of how privacy regulations are carried out. When someone sees you have achieved HITRUST certification, that tells them you are committed to meeting higher standards for compliance. Other benefits of HITRUST include:

  • Lowers your company-wide risk.
  • Elevates your security frameworks.
  • Complies with mandates by several health insurance organizations.
  • Helps avoid noncompliance at the state and federal level.

Guidelines for the Certification

Achieving HITRUST consists of five steps:

  1. Analyzing: Determining what will be required to earn certification.
  2. Preparation: Filling out policies and procedures templates.
  3. Facilitation: Learning how to use HITRUST tools.
  4. Reviewing: Looking over the quality of material pre-validation.
  5. Validation: Receiving certification.

HITRUST r2 Certification is valid for 2 years. The HITRUST e1 and i1 Certifications are valid for 1 year.

Our Process and Experience

Working with BlueOrange Compliance on your HITRUST certification can make the process smoother and improve your outcomes. We are HITRUST certified ourselves, so we have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to earn this designation. We have also assisted many clients with earning the certificate and have navigated different circumstances to reach this achievement.

BlueOrange Compliance has the industry experience and reputation you can trust. Our clients can focus on their day-to-day duties and giving patients the best possible care while we handle any compliance issues. We provide insights into potential security risks and provide the technical expertise you may lack in your staff.

At BlueOrange Compliance, our reputation in the industry speaks to the effectiveness of our methods. We have a high satisfaction rate among our clients, including an impressive 98% retention rate that reflects our expertise.

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