Is your organization compliant with HIPAA Privacy, Breach and Security Regulations?

HIPAA enforcement is real, and the financial penalties for non-compliance can be devastating. Failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can result in:

  • hefty fines;
  • negative publicity;
  • reputational damage;
  • legal fees; and
  • lengthy government corrective action plans.

Breaches or complaints can lead to OCR investigations that incur additional costs, including credit monitoring fees for those affected. These costs can be driven or mitigated, based on the demonstrated compliance of your organization.

Healthcare organizations should proactively identify and remediate Privacy, Breach and Security compliance shortcomings BEFORE they become the subject of a breach, a complaint investigation or a random audit.

BlueOrange Compliance understands that complex, ever-changing regulations, increased vulnerabilities, implementation of new technologies and changes in business processes can make it difficult to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. Make sure you have the proper protocols in place so you can ensure OCR compliance and expertly handle OCR Investigations, should the need arise.

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