For Immediate Release

BlueOrange Introduces New Penetration Testing Services


July 5, 2016
Dublin, Ohio

BlueOrange Compliance, a leading Healthcare HIPAA Privacy and Security solutions provider, today announced a new Penetration Service geared toward the healthcare industry.  Penetration testing, also known as “ethical hacking” is an authorized software attack on a computer system designed to pinpoint security vulnerabilities that may be present in operating systems, applications, configurations or risky end-user activity.  The tests simulate the practices and methods of external or internal agents attempting unauthorized data access, providing organizations information about the security of their organizations and user behavior.

“Penetration testing can strategically position an organization to repel cyber-attacks,” said BlueOrange CEO John DiMaggio.  “We use the latest software tools designed to gather information, analyze and exploit vulnerabilities, and attempt to crack passwords, decode encryption and infiltrate operating systems, web applications and wireless networks.  The primary objective is to establish if and where unauthorized system access can be attained.  Once security gaps are identified, we develop an action plan to remediate identified weaknesses.”