For Immediate Release

BlueOrange Introduces Full Array of Cybersecurity Services


November 15, 2016
Dublin, Ohio

BlueOrange Compliance, a leading Healthcare HIPAA Privacy and Security solutions provider, today announced the introduction of a full array of cybersecurity services geared toward the healthcare industry.  Services include NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Implementation, Cybersecurity Framework, Forensic Analysis, External Vulnerability Scans, Internal Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, Phishing Expeditions, IT Team Cybersecurity Training, Workforce Cybersecurity Training, and Implementation of Best Cybersecurity Practices

“True cybersecurity requires preparation, vigilance, and a proactive game-plan,” said CEO John DiMaggio. “The number of incidents that evade traditional security defenses are increasing at an alarming rate, and with the high value of health information, the playing field has become even more enticing to scammers.  Cyber-attacks have cost healthcare providers millions of dollars, generated negative publicity and created reputational damage.  These breaches also instigate OCR investigations, as well as incur credit monitoring fees for affected individuals.  The best defense is to perform regular assessments of your environment, comply with regulations, and employ policies, procedures and physical infrastructure that will reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack. “