We have been doing some reflecting on what makes the BlueOrange team the best at what they do as we welcome people to our teams. So, this month we thought it would be good to share why we think the BlueOrange team is so successful!

BlueOrange has a few different positions that make sure our clients have a successful experience. We have groups of Project Coordinators, Offensive Security Analysts, and Security Analysts.  We thought we’d start with our group of BlueOrange Security Analysts.

For a quick overview, our Security Analyst first assess your organization’s security based on NIST standards and controls. Once your organization has completed the Security Risk Assessment, your Security Analyst will outline priorities that should be a focus in the upcoming months, during our remediation phase. During remediation, the Security Analysts will guide the client team on how to meet HIPAA and NIST standards using specific recommendations based on findings in the Security Assessment Report.

Now that you have a little background on what being a Security Analyst entails, what makes our team so effective? Our team of Security Analysts have a unique set of skills that include backgrounds in IT, cybersecurity, compliance, experience with NIST, and the ability to deliver a high level of client service while also working as a team with our clients. When asked what makes BlueOrange Security Analysts unique, our very own Todd Dion had this to say: “Whereas a lot of organizations can provide you findings, our team has the experience and expertise to help you take regulations, requirements, and recommendations and turn them into viable action items. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients integrate security and risk management into their daily operations, and we celebrate their successes right alongside them.” Our Security Analysts take pride in the progress of their clients and want to see them reach their goals!

Another Security Analyst, Corinne White, said that being perceptive and curious are helpful to her position. “Being able to communicate well is very important but it is just as important to be a great listener. With every client we develop ways of tackling security that is tailored to their environment. Listening to what is practical for our client, but also ticks the security boxes, takes a perceptive and unique approach.”

The dedication to security at BlueOrange is something that is invaluable to us, and we are incredibly grateful for our growing team of Security Analyst!

Stay tuned for this month’s posts as we continue highlighting the BlueOrange teams!