Last week we discussed what makes our Security Analysts a standout group. This week we’re reflecting on what makes our Project Coordinator team as equally valuable! Project Coordinators and Security Analysts work very closely to ensure a thorough and well-organized client experience.

BlueOrange Project Coordinators keep projects on track to ensure a timely and efficient project. They also make sure lines of communication are open between client and the BlueOrange team. Between scheduling, helping to build reports, and making sure all tasks are being completed Project Coordinators keep the project train on track! While Security Analysts study and work off NIST, so do our Project Coordinators. BlueOrange Project Coordinators review policies for compliance and build Policy Development Plans so our clients can work towards remediating any holes in their policy set.

As you can see, Project Coordinators are a vital part of the BlueOrange process! We asked Katherine, a Project Coordinator at BlueOrange, what makes a successful Project Coordinator, “Being agile and organized is important in order to pivot to different subjects and clients. Maintaining excellent communication between internal and external team members is a big priority, as well. By being flexible, communicating well, and always ready to expand my knowledge I can provide the support to our clients to help them make effective changes to their security! Being a part of a solution that matters on both a small and large scale, and having a hand in combating cybersecurity criminals, makes my role at BlueOrange rewarding!” A fellow Project Coordinator, Renae, added, “Having all the skills already mentioned is important, but also attention to detail and having the mindset to work as a team with your peers. My goal is to always deliver exceptional customer service to our client base and being a reliable team member on any project at BlueOrange. My role allows me to work with many different types of clients, different team members within in BOC, and be part of a company that continues to grow its client base and products.”

Project Coordinators at BlueOrange have an array of skills that allow them to keep our projects well oiled machines! Their dedication to providing our clients perfection goes above and beyond and we’re thrilled to have such a remarkable team!

Stay tuned for this month’s posts as we continue highlighting the BlueOrange teams!