Continuing to reflect on our BlueOrange team, we’re covering our Offensive Security Analysts (OSAs)! At BlueOrange, OSAs are part of our Penetration Testing team and use their hacking knowledge for good! When an OSA is working on a Pen Test project, it is their responsibility to attempt to gain access into their client’s systems in as many ways as possible. By having an OSA test your environment, you know where the holes are before someone nefarious is able to find a way in!

Our OSAs are always researching new vulnerabilities and methods to gain entry into environments. Our team also uses social engineering tactics and performs password sprays to test client teams on their security posture. Looking for the perfect opportunity to strike, means our OSAs are required to have a good amount of patience and persistence when making sure client environments are thoroughly tested!

Although OSAs love getting the chance to gain entry, overall, the goal is to help clients secure their environments.  One of our OSAs, Gabe, said it perfectly, “I enjoy being able to use my skillset to provide clients with a solid starting point for hardening the security in their environment. From my point of view each engagement/network is a unique puzzle to solve.”