Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have an increased number of users working remotely, many of whom may not have been required to work remotely in the past.  It’s important that an organization implement security and support controls to encourage best practices among these users.  These can include:  

  • Maintain an inventory of which devices and accessories have been supplied to users that will be working remotely to ensure that security controls such as storage encryption and anti-malware protection have been enabled, and so that the property can be recovered when no longer needed for remote access  
  • Ensuring that reasonable session locking, or monitoring is being enforced on the devices used for remote access to limit the exposure of the organization’s systems and data to unauthorized users like family members or roommates  
  • Instructing users to be aware of unauthorized users in the vicinity of the device that may be able to view confidential or private information being displayed (“Shoulder surfing”) and to not leave the device unattended in order to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access or theft  
  • Monitor, identify and suspend the access of users exhibiting unusual activity  

For further guidance on COVID-19 related security precautions, request a free consult.