In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of organizations providing devices for general patient/resident use. As many facilities have implemented changes to limit visitors, this can leave patients/residents without means to stay in contact with friends and family. Organization owned/controlled devices can help combat this issue by allowing  communication such as video-calling.  

When looking to implement general purpose devices: 

  • Check to determine what types of devices you are using – Apple iPads, Google ChromeBooks, Samsung Galaxy, etc. 
  • Determine how you will connect the devices – will they be on an existing WiFi network (such as Guest) or a special purpose network 
  • Create an inventory of devices and have staff members check-in/out the devices
  • Try to prevent theft, such as tethering the devices to wheeled carts
  • Create a user group for residents that does not have admin rights
  • Ensure Anti-virus is installed and running
  • Enable Kiosk mode if applicable.