Some organizations have their annual policy review date already set and others might have a hard time reviewing their policies regularly. Here are some tips on how to make reviewing your policies and procedures for updates a priority: 

  • Plan ahead. 
    • Pick a date enough in advance that everyone, who needs to be present, will review policies and procedures can get it on their calendar.  
  • Choose a reoccurring cadence that is easy to remember.  
    • For example: Every year on the second Tuesday in March is review policies day for all departments! 
  • Track policy review dates. 
    • Tracking when your policies and procedures are reviewed and approved in the document itself is a good way to go. Some prefer tracking the dates in one document like an excel spreadsheet too! 
  • Use a policy management software to take care of all of the above! 
    • Many policy management software options have the ability to alert the policy author when a policy needs reviewed. 
    • It’s also a great way to make sure everyone on staff has access, and can reference, the appropriate policies and procedures! 

Reviewing your policies and procedures is needed to keep them currently reflecting your organization’s environment. This will help to keep procedures running smoothly and clear expectations set.