Many organizations promote individual growth within the company. For instance, someone may be working as an Executive Assistant while getting their nursing license. There are a whole host of things that need to take place in order for the person to be transferred to another department or position, one of them being a change in their access to systems and spaces. When a person is transferring positions, the following should be reviewed and confirmed or changed: 

  • Appropriate access authorizations to information systems 
      • Access that is no longer needed should be removed from the user and appropriate access added 
  • Physical access authorizations to information systems and facilities 
      • If badges are used, access to certain areas should be reviewed and changed if necessary 
      • Physical keys to areas that the user no longer needs should be collected and new keys distributed to the appropriate areas for the employee’s role 

This process should be formally defined and documented along with an expected time frame in which it should be executed. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the staff that is affected by this personnel transfer is notified in a timely manner.  

Quick note: Many organizations are mindful of system and physical access changes when it comes to a promotion but not as much when it comes to demotions. An employee being demoted and left with elevated access could put the organization at risk.