“Our priority is to find the practical, real-world entry points an attacker would use to compromise your data and systems. We do this with a personal touch that I am proud of, and every effort to avoid disruption.”

-Evan Miller, BlueOrange

Offensive Testing Program Manager


Cyber attacks are increasing year over year and with cyber criminals gaining sophistication, traditional organizational defenses are no longer adequate on their own.


Pen testing has become an industry standard as it is the only way to find attack paths a hacker will use to gain access to protected information or organizational control.

  • At 93% of companies, pen testers succeeded in breaching the network perimeter and accessing the local network.
  • At one sixth of tested companies, pen testers found traces of previous attacks. In other words, the client infrastructure had likely already been under the control of (real) attackers.
  • At 71% of companies, even an unskilled hacker would be able to penetrate the internal network.


Our pen testers develop the attack strategy with our clients to make sure we are customizing our approach to meet their specific needs. This service will help plan, guide, and implement changes into an organization that will make successful attacks less likely.


The Pen Testing Program starts by examining an organization the same way a hacker will. We run the company through an extensive series of technical and social testing looking for weaknesses that can be exploited and lead to compromise of systems and data.


The Penetration Testing Program is based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) special publication 800-115.