Many organizations have decided to keep working from home making it vital to have a Telework Policy in place.

Here are the top subjects to consider including when creating your Telework Policy.

  • Authorization Process
    • How a staff member or manager submits a request for teleworking and what factors will be taken into account when the request is being evaluated.
    • State that job performance should remain the same as if in the office.
  • Set Expectations
    • What are the expected working hours while working from home? Is your organization okay with hours being flexible? Does it depend on the role? Consider specifying these details.
    • If applicable, you may need to cover that the teleworker is still responsible for costs such as internet, cell phone, etc.
    • Reiterate PTO process and it must continue to be requested and reported.
    • Include that equipment must be tracked and returned to the office when no longer teleworking.
  • Outline Security Standards
    • All Teleworkers must be connected to a VPN or have secure alternatives to manage devices and connections.
    • What devices are permitted? Is it okay to use personal devices?
    • Layout that all computing devices that connect remotely to Information Systems must have up-to-date firewall and anti-malware software, this might include personal devices if they will be used for teleworking.
    • Highlight that confidentiality is still a priority and the same standards will be held while teleworking.