No matter the type of organization, it is important to monitor visitors that are coming and going from the environment. A lot of organizations have a place and method for visitors to sign-in before entering. What about secure areas within your organization, though?  

Record storage, IT closets and sever rooms should be secure from the public but also from other staff members that do not need access to these sensitive areas. Here are some steps to monitor and maintain the security of these areas: 

  • Required badge access or physical locks to the secure areas to limit entering to those who have the required access 
      • A physical sign-in sheet coupled with a physical lock or badge access will help monitor access 
      • The sign-in sheet should include:
          • Name  
          • Guest – if escorting other personnel 
          • Time and Date 
          • Reason for entering 
    • The sign-in sheets and badge access logs should be reviewed regularly so the organization is aware who is coming and going  
        • In the event of a security incident the logs can be referenced in the investigation 

Note: If physical keys are being used it is important to have a way to track who has keys 

  • Having cameras monitoring the entrances of secure areas is also a great way to monitor activity 
      • This footage should be backed up and reviewed periodically for the ability to reference should there be a security incident 
      • Utilizing cameras can help validate sign-in sheet usage 
      • Cameras can be configured to send alerts with snips when someone enters the room 
  • Create a list of vendors and staff members that have been granted access to these sensitive areas 

Finally, you should document your processes and procedures of however you are securing, monitoring and reviewing access to secure areas! Having a document available for staff to reference will help them to know when something looks suspicious or a person is entering that should not be