Some users may not work from mobile devices often and need a refresher on the dos and don’ts. Other employees may work remotely every day and no longer second guess where they are leaving their devices. Sending out a Security Reminder will help bring attention to the security practices everyone should be using when using mobile devices for work.

Here are some best practices to remind users of when using mobile devices:

  • Your mobile device should require you to enter a strong password/pin or biometric in order to log into it.
  • Never let someone else (even friends, family, or coworkers) borrow your mobile device. Anyone can make a mistake and click on a bad link or accidentally view sensitive information that they are not approved to access.
  • Do not leave your device unattended. This includes leaving it in the car when going out to lunch or running a quick errand. You should always have eyes on your device while not in the office or at home.
  • Familiarize yourself with your organization’s mobile device policy. There may be requirements for keeping up on security software, joining Wi-Fi networks, and encryption methods that you’ll want to keep in mind.