Access agreements are a must when bringing anyone into your organization. Requiring a signature on access agreements acknowledges that the staff members have read, understand, and agree to abide by the appropriate use of information systems. These agreements should be signed before being granting access and may include: 

  • Nondisclosure agreements 
  • Acceptable use agreements 
  • Network access agreements 
  • Rules of behavior 
  • Conflict-of-interest agreements 

These agreements should outline the importance of confidentiality, appropriate use of the information they are granted access to, any monitoring your organization is doing of usage, and any disciplinary action that will be taken if needed. 

All staff should sign your organization’s access agreements before being given access to your information systems. Additionally, these agreements should be reviewed and resigned by the workforce on a regular cadence or when the agreements are changed. Finally, these signed agreements should be tracked either in the employee’s file or with your policy or training management system.