Having a Teleworking Policy Is a Must During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of workers have vacated the office in which they are accustomed to conducting business and are, instead, setting up shop in their homes. This obviously poses a number of practical challenges—like finding and dedicating an appropriate spot in one’s home, getting set up with interim communication solutions, and accessing programs and files that were typically only needed at the office.

What might not be as obvious is the immediate need to develop a teleworking policy if you don’t already have one. This policy should cover such critical areas as:

  • Who is eligible for teleworking privileges?
  • What circumstances prompt teleworking consideration?
  • How team members become authorized for teleworking
  • Teleworking expectations around professionalism, tracking company assets, work hours, etc.
  • Security requirements—both to comply with any HIPAA considerations and to prevent vulnerability to cyber threats.

You can adapt this sample policy for your organization’s needs.