As vaccines are rolling out and visitors start to enter facilities again, organizations should refamiliarize with the process of visitors coming and going from facilities. With all of the sensitive information available it’s important to track who has had access to the environment and have records to look back on, if needed.

Visitors should sign-in as soon as they enter the facility. They should provide:

  • Name/Organization of person visiting
  • Date and time of arrival and departure
  • Purpose of visit
  • Who/Department they are visiting

…. It should also be noted if a visitor was given keys or badges and when those items were returned.

This information could be gathered on a sheet and clipboard or the organization might have someone at the front desk that is able to sign visitors in and out. Either way, it is important to retain the visitor logs for however long the organization sees fit. We suggest keeping logs for at least one year. The visitor logs should also be reviewed periodically to make sure they are being completed and there are no red flags.